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The Roadmap to Real Estate

A REALTORS® Roadmap to Navigating GLAR’s Education Pathways 

Mapping Out the Must Haves

This pathway covers the basics that new REALTORS® and new GLAR members need to know to be a productive and ethical member. These courses are the keys to help you navigate GLAR membership and the transaction process. Ideal for new members or those needing a refresher!

Ready, Set, GLAR!

Master the skills and principles you need to be a knowledgeable and professional REALTOR® in today’s market. This pathway covers the key tools and core skills needed to manage the listing and/or buyer side of any transaction. Get brought up to speed on key tech, transaction and legal topics.

The Transaction Trail

Get comfortable navigating any situation thrown at you with the skills you’ll learn on the transaction trail. These courses cover the next steps to master transaction management tech tools and and step up your market and transaction knowledge to help you find your market niche.

Pilot Your Brand

Build your business into a lead-generation machine by creating a brand that will resonate with the public and your clients. These courses cover marketing and lead-generation principles and will give you the knowledge you need to properly use lead generation tools and concepts to grow your business in today’s fast-paced world.

Tech Check

Whether you’re a tech superstar or looking to expand your knowledge, Tech Check will help you learn and master the tools you need to be a more efficient and productive REALTOR®. These tools will help you step up your transaction management, lead generation, knowledge of market statistics and marketing.

Safe Driving Through Risks

Learn how to manage risk in your business by taking these courses around topics that can trip up even the most seasoned REALTOR®. Rules, regulations and the legal world is constantly changing and the Safe Driving Through Risk Pathway will keep you updated on what you need to know to operate your business with the minimal amount of risk.

Designation Station

Deepen your expertise and position yourself as a subject matter expert with these designations. Designations are official state or national endorsements certifying that you have deep knowledge in a particular sector of the real estate market. 

Commercial Crossroads

Broaden your knowledge base of the commercial real estate sector with the Commercial Crossroad pathway. Operating effectively in the commercial real estate field requires a special set of skills that you can acquire through these courses. 

Buckling Up for the Future

Future-proof your real estate practice and set up revenue streams that will be productive through retirement with these courses designed to assist you with business management and long-term planning. 

Leadership Lane

Make the leap to leadership by learning what you need to know to obtain and maintain your broker’s license, and how to operate an effective, ethical and profitable brokerage. 

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